• Navigation menu selection is not working inside the application. Nothing happens when clicking on menu options in top right menu.
    • You have added the “Classic” tab in Lightning edition. See post install step 2 and make sure you use the lightning tab in lightning.
  • Can’t find lightning Tab when trying to add it to Lightning Sales in post install step 2.
    • Lightning has not been deployed in your organisation and/or My Domain has not been configured in your org (required for Lightning components, pages, tabs, apps). Standard Salesforce help to enable lightning  here. Standard Salesforce help to enable My Domain here.
  • Only English language in UI despite selecting other language for user
    • “Translation Settings” needs to be enabled in your organisation for the translated labels in our application to show up. More info here in standard Salesforce documentation.
  • Classic UI: Opportunity “Add To Subscription Forecast” not returning to Opportunity page when buttons pressed or links into detailed configurations not working.
    • Error Message displayed at botton of page: “This page has an error. You might just need to refresh it. [NoErrorObjectAvailable] Script error.”
    • The user have development mode ON. Please turn that off.  More info here in standard Salesforce documentation.
  • Where do I manage my licenses and who needs a license?
    • You manage your licenses on AppExchange My Account pageYou should see our application there with a Manage Subscription option to add/remove users or cancel the app subscription.
    • Every user whose opportunities or orders should be forecasted needs a license as well as those who need to access the application itself.

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